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Loaning of technology devices

The Bridge will be loaning of technology devices available for checkout from the front desk on a first come, first served basis. They are available to use inside the facility.

Chromebook, iPad and Amazon Nook


Devices are intended for short-term use by Bridge patrons.

Time Limits & Availability
Devices may be used from opening until ½ hour before The Bridge closes.

Fines & Liability

Borrowers are expected to return devices in good working order. Please report any problems you have with the device immediately to the staff. We urge you to check before you leave the desk area to confirm that the computer is working. We will bill you for repair charges if the item is returned damaged.


Users Beware!!

  • All user data and documents will be removed after the device is returned. Please e-mail all your work or save documents to your Google Drive or Box accounts to prevent loss of your work.

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