Computer Lab Resources

The Bridge has two separate computing spaces: our front lab, which is available for drop-in computing, and our back lab, which is used for classes and Backspace & special programs.

The drop-in computing lab has 16 computers available for use any time The Bridge is open. We have 10 PC computers running Windows 10 Professional and 4 Apple computers running OS X 10.13.6 Mac OS High Sierra.  All have internet access and are connected to a color printer. Some have CD or DVD burning capabilities and three are equipped with scanners. All of our computers have word processing programs (Office 2016 or Works 8) and we have assorted software titles available, including Adobe Photoshop CS, Adobe Image Ready, Adobe Acrobat Reader Pro, Microsoft Publisher 2016. Some software is not installed on every computer. If there is a program you would like to use, please ask for availability.
The front lab also serves as a wireless internet access point, and we have a special seating area for laptop users.

The back room of The Bridge contains our classroom, which has 10 computers running Windows 10 Professional and connected to the internet, scanners, and a printer. This space is available for community programs-contact us if your group would like to use our classroom. Our back room also includes a lounge area, used for our teen after-school backspace program.